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How we help you.

Stauss Tax Services

Protect Your Income. Minimize Your Tax Burden. Gain Financial Peace of Mind.

Stauss Tax Services helps ensure your financial peace of mind with tax, accounting and business management strategies that protect your income and minimize your tax burden.

Our services include tax planning, tax filings, tax representation with the IRS or state, business startup and bookkeeping for small businesses.


Don’t pay more taxes than necessary – complying with current tax laws means more than just completing tax forms. You’ll appreciate the care we take examining your past tax filings and helping you form strategies and make decisions today that will minimize your taxes in the future. And if growing your business or personal wealth is important, we can help you achieve your goals by applying smart ideas that save you tax today and in the future.


Whether your books are up-to-date or need organizing, Stauss Tax Services can efficiently prepare personal, partnership, corporate, and other returns and amendments. Tax codes are constantly changing and it’s our job to know the possible deductions, tax credits, and other ways to reduce your tax burden now and in the future. Especially when your tax situation is complicated.


If you face an audit, tax lien, levy, or garnishment or have received a letter from tax agency that requires a response, we can help you in many ways. Including representing you in front of the tax agency. You might even pass the audit with flying colors. As an Enrolled Agent, Steve Stauss can also appeal your case if the initial decision is not satisfactory. With the proper representation, arrangements can be made for payments and other obligations, too.


How you structure your business can have important implications on your accounting and tax preparation. When you consult with us, you’ll make better decisions about how to structure your business entity for tax savings and to be in compliance with all federal and state regulations. If you need legal advice, we can refer you to one of our trusted team members to prepare the appropriate documents, such as operating agreements, bylaws, etc.


Spend your time building your business and focusing on what you want to do, rather than keeping track of the books. Let Stauss Tax Services handle some or all of your bookkeeping and payroll management, including gross receipts and payroll tax filings. You’ll stay on top of your financial condition, make wise spending decisions and minimize your anxiety at tax time. When your books are kept up to date, you will absolutely save money on tax preparation, too. We’re QuickBooks experts and can easily take over the on-going maintenance of your QuickBooks. And we can help you set up QuickBooks. We also have experience with other online bookkeeping systems, including Xero and QuickBooks Online.

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